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New Game: Guild Wars 2

Jimbostein, Jul 14, 12 1:36 PM.
Well, sorry this SWTOR thing didn't work out...but if you want to join us on our next game, we'll be playing GW2! The guild webpage is located at and you can use the same account user info to join if interested.

Useful websites

Jimbostein, Dec 15, 11 2:18 PM.
To the left of the homepage, under the vent window, you'll find a list of sites with good info or guides about SWTOR.
To the right you'll find torhead, which is from the guys who made wowhead.
I'll try to figure out how to make it so anyone can edit the list.

Tips and Tricks

Jimbostein, Dec 13, 11 12:00 AM.
Take a good look at your config options. Among those that should be checked are enable AOE loot, and possibly autoloot.

Also, make sure your companion-looting is configured somehow (mine I like to do shift+click), that way you can send your companion to mine some nodes while you continue onwards.

Your companion has a full quickbar along with yours. You can access this by clicking the ~ button (next to 1).

Your companion can sell your trash loot, rightclick it's portrait. BTW, if you do lose your companion, clicking his portrait at the bottom left of the screen brings it back.

Don't go overboard on your crafting, you do need 48k credits at lvl 25 for a speeder. Crafting can suck up a ton of credits.

Hitting esc during a conversation dumps you out of it, so you can start over if you think you made a poor choice. Once the conversation completes however, it saves.

For those that really want a head start, when you first start out, take a trip to the fleet station and 'discover' all the crew (crafting) trainers. You get 450exp a pop, can easily be level 4 when you return to your origin planet.

Throw your crafting mats in your bank, your crew will use them (so you don't have to keep the mats on your person).

At level 10, you can get your advanced class at the Imperial Fleet Station, accessed by shuttlecraft from the spaceport.

Finally, remember to run Ventrilo in admin mode! Otherwise, we can't hear ya. Cya on the battle front!

Server location

Jimbostein, Dec 12, 11 3:46 PM.
Our server will be "Prophecy of the Five".

If you have signed up on the swtor guild portal, your first character will be asked to auto-join. For the rest, some of us will probably be playing.

Server status page is located at :

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Jimbostein, Dec 12, 11 2:36 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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